Community & Neighborhood Matching Grants Program

Document[2]The Neighborhood Matching Grants (NMG) program can help in building community, creating connections and improving our neighborhoods, parks and natural areas. Applications for smaller projects, less than $5,000 will be considered by City staff for approval and funding on an ongoing basis.

Proposals will only be accepted from groups of people living, working, or owning property within the neighborhood boundary in which the project is located. A neighborhood group may be an existing group whose membership is from a commonly recognized geographic area (e.g., neighborhood association, business association, or school PTO or site council) or an ad hoc group formed to work together on a specific project.

What types of projects are considered?

Projects may include, but are not limited to; public school partnership projects that benefit school children and the immediate neighborhood; those that build a safer and more welcoming community for marginalized or vulnerable community
members; physical improvement projects that involve recreation or public safety facilities, natural resource features, public art and spaces, or community gardens, and projects that improve universal accessibility; and Outreach, research, education or organizing projects that address planning-related topics such as transportation (pedestrian or cyclist safety), land use neighborhood or area planning) or public safety (disaster planning, neighborhood mapping, neighborhood safety).

If your project involves property that your organization or applicant group does not own you will need to get written approval from the owner. For private property, the owner of the parcel must approve the project. For projects on school grounds documentation is required from the District and school principal.

  • 4J School District contacts:¬†Kerry Delf, Communications and Intergovernmental Relations, at 541-687-3245 ( or Harlan Coats, Facilities Management, 541-790-7409 (

See the Guidelines for Smaller Project>>
See the FY18 Application for Smaller Projects>>

If you need more information or have questions please contact Cindy Koehler at 541-682-5272.

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