Last 4J Parent Leader Meeting of the Year 🖥️ Zoom Call

Dear 4J Parent Leaders,

We hope you and your families are well. It’s been tough on so many of our kids to be away from school and friends, and on parents having to juggle being a teacher and working full-time from home. There is also uncertainty about the future.

We want to invite you, our 4J Parent Leaders to JOIN TOGETHER ONE LAST TIME THIS YEAR – remotely – to share concerns, support each other, and get updates on what we might expect next year.  Please don’t miss it!


Our Superintendent, Dr. Gustavo Balderas will be on the call, to provide an update on what we know regarding COVID 19 and the school budget.  He will take our questions about next fall, state guidelines for schools,  and the contingency plans being created. PLUS, our new incoming interim Superintendent, Cydney Vandercar, who begins on July 1, will be on the call to tell us about herself and hear from you.

Please email us questions IN ADVANCE, so we can forward them along – or just bring your questions to the call.

Sending our best to you and your families,
Heather, Rita, and Joy

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