Advocacy and Legislative Efforts

League of Women Voters of Lane County The Lane County League has over 180 men and women striving to make school districts, utilities, county government and the Oregon Legislature function more effectively to benefit all of us. The Lane County League is part of LWVOR (Oregon) and LWVUS, the national League. Read more…

Oregon PTA provides advocacy services for its members, guided by a legislative platform and resolutions approved by members.  Advocacy is also consistent with the National PTA Federal Policy Agenda. Read more…

Safe Routes to School is working to increase the use of active transportation to school not only through encouragement and educational activities, like Bike + Walk School day and Bike and Pedestrian Safety Education classes, but also through infrastructure improvements at and near school properties. Read more…

Stand for Children Lane County is fighting to improve public schools in Lane County through grassroots advocacy in Oregon. Read more…

Fundraising Partnerships

The following businesses are active partners in education. Send additions, updates and comments to Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement of any individual or company.

Eugene Education Foundation

The Eugene Education Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports the Eugene School District 4J. As the Foundation for 4J, EEF serves as the fundraising arm of the district by soliciting donations, hosting an annual gala, and supporting schools and parent groups in their site-based fundraising efforts.

Local Farm and Food Partners

Contact these community partners for discount programs.

Local Restaurant Partnerships

These dining establishments support school restaurant of the month fundraising programs.

Loyalty Programs

Community members can earn money for the schools with cashback programs.

Retail Sales

  • Barefoot Books: Independent Barefoot Books Ambassador will setup on site and cut you a percentage of sales. Contact Tanja K Petal, 541.228.8995,, for more information
  • Barnes and Noble: Parent groups organize readings and coordinate displays with the store, receiving a cut of anything purchased at the event or online with a special discount code. For details, contact Joel Geier
  • Dancing Weasel Toy Store: Choose a day or weekend where all purchases made by students and their family and friends will earn the school 20% of the sales.
  • Scholastic: Held in school, provided with all-inclusive set-up kit that includes everything from large displays to promotional materials, training and cash registers. For details, contact Kitty Bates, Cell:

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